Sophia réédite De Nachten et The Valentines Day Session

Sophia - De Nachten / The Valentine's Day Session

C’est Noël en mai ! Sophia vient d’annoncer la réédition en vinyle de De Nachten et The Valentines Day Session. Deux éditions inédites et limités qui devraient combler les fans du groupe (dont nous sommes).

Les disques sont pré-commandables (250 seulement) sur son profil Bandcamp :

On vous colle ici et en version intégrale le message de Robin Proper-Sheppard annonçant cette sortie :

« Dearest Sophia friend/fans,

Since from the day in was released, what over 18 years ago now, you’ve (well quite a few of you at least) have been asking when I’d release De Nachten on vinyl and now your prayers (well maybe not prayers exactly but let’s call it spirited requests shall we?) have been answered!

And I really hope you like it. This 1000 pressing will be on a beautiful clear BLUE vinyl and individually-numbered as well. I’ve also had them remastered specially for the vinyl release too. Charlie Francis (who the As We Make Our Way live-album) has done a incredible job. The new master just makes the band sounds so big, tight and punchy and yet without needing all of that modern day over-compression/limiting that ruins so many modern masters. I should note that we did make the digital files slightly louder so they would blend better with the music you have on your computers/phones/whatever-the-kids-use-these-days players but we’ve left the vinyl-master very open so the giving cutting engineer all the freedom to cut the lacquer exactly as loud or quiet as he thinks will suit the music. I felt that was the best way: two new masters per release.

I would also like to introduce De Nachten’s sister release in these new-issues (considering neither have been on vinyl before) The Valentines Day Session. For those of you that don’t know this was a live solo-acoustic performance with string quartet that was broadcast live on Valentine’s Day by Radio FM4, Austria. The Valentine’s Day Session was initially only available as a bonus disk with There Are No Goodbyes and so outside of the 2000 CD’s (or maybe it was 3000?) out in the wild you most likely wouldn’t have heard these recordings. It’s live, intense and very raw (and all the better for it) and it’s this character that I think people appreciate. and I’ll admit I was a little surprised as more and more people were asking for it on vinyl too. It’s always held a special place in my heart especially because of where my heart was at the time and truthfully I can’t think of a much better coincidence of events than having this performance recorded on Valentine’s Day.

As with De Nachten, The Valentines Day Session will be an individually-numbered release of 1000 but this will be a DOUBLE-VINYL edition on beautiful RED vinyl this time. And it has also been remastered vinyl with just as much love as De Nachten and needless to say it sounds gorgeous.

I’ve also been told that we’ll have nice quick turnaround this too. No Record Store Day to compete with. No Christmas to slow everything down. All the fancy mailers and inserts already sitting the office. Heck we even just bought new printer ink so that’s 1000 mailing labels we can print without even leaving the office. Exciting. I love packing vinyl and printing labels. That’ll be like a Christmas present in Summer!

OK I hope you guys love these releases as much and I loved putting them together (memories, memories, some nightmares, memories) that you all have a lovely Spring too!

See you soon!

Big hug,

Robin  »


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